Don Omar persona non grata in Barranquilla rejected junior shirt

Don Omar, persona non grata in Barranquilla: rejected junior shirt FutbolRed

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The renowned reggaeton player showed up in the middle of the carnival and returned the garment given to him by a fan.

Junior and Don Omar
Photo: Dimayor and Instagram @donomar


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Feb 20, 2023 2:35 p.m. M

Maybe nobody put it in context, they didn’t tell him what it means in Barranquilla, in the middle of the carnival, Atlético Junior.

The truth is that reggaeton artist Don Omar felt very out of place after a concert he was in the news at, and it wasn’t exactly because of his hit songs.


In the middle of his presentation, in a concert with Alfa, Rey Ruiz, Sergio Vargas and Jorge Celedón, among others, he suddenly became persona non grata.

It turned out that someone from where the audience was threw Junior’s shirt, Juanfer Quintero’s number 10, and the singer, after looking at it with little interest, simply threw it back into the audience.

Is it because they didn’t win the league in 2023? Isn’t he a big fan of Arturo Reyes? Will he become a Union fan? There are no satisfactory answers to this reaction, which showed no mercy to Junior’s fans.