Donald Trump is fined more than 355 million in New

Donald Trump is fined more than $355 million in New York for tax fraud

In a historic ruling by the judge Arthur Engoronformer President Donald Trump has been blamed for a series of fraud allegations in New York. According to the details of the ruling, Trump and his affiliates were ordered to pay $355 million for “ill-gotten gains,” according to CNN.

The ruling also bars the former president from serving as an officer, director or other legal entity of a New York company for a period of three years.

The judge also ruled that Trump was prohibited from applying for loans from institutions registered with the New York Department of Financial Services.

However, the ruling does not cancel the company's business licenses Trump Organizationas the judge initially stated Engoron in its summary judgment last year.

It is expected that the defense of Trump card will seek to appeal this decision and request a stay of enforcement of the judgment while the appeal is considered. This process could prolong the final resolution of the case.

Trump will go on trial in March over payments to Stormy Daniels

Next March 25th will mark a historic milestone Donald Trump is the first former US president to face criminal charges. This case concerns the allegation of payments to conceal a relationship with you Adult film actressannounced a judge new York. The decision to begin the trial on this date comes at a crucial time: the 77-year-old Trump is in the middle of a campaign aimed at returning to the presidency.

Judge Juan MercanThe judge in charge of the case rejected the defense's requests Trump card to postpone the start of the trial, which will begin with jury selection. Merchan emphasized the importance of several factors in this decision.

Before the meeting in Manhattan District Court Trump card expressed himself on his platform Social truth that this case would not have been filed without his presidential candidacy, suggesting that there are political motives behind the allegations.

Donald Trump is fined more than 355 million in New Trump's defense is expected to seek to appeal this decision and request a stay on enforcement of the sentence while the appeal is considered. Photo: AFP

Despite a total of 91 criminal complaints in various cases, Trump's popularity does not seem to have been affected. Current polls position him as the preferred candidate in a hypothetical confrontation with President Joe Biden in the November election.

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