1676866038 Dont burn by setting fire Alianza Lima and her curious

“Don’t burn by setting fire”: Alianza Lima and her curious message of selling her reflectors

Dont burn by setting fire Alianza Lima and her curious

Ambiguous ad. Alianza Lima has put its traditional reflectors, used at the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium since the 80s, on sale for all its staunch blue and white fans. However, this post on social networks has caused a wave of reactions, as it is entitled “Don’t burn set fires” and refers to what happened near the intimate fortress after a subject stole the club’s insignia on fire a few days after the game in the Peruvian soccer classic against Universitario. It is believed that the attacker was a fan of the Ate club.

blue and white story

According to the specifications of this historical reflector, used in Matute for decades, it has a screen dimension of 54 x 68 x 30 length x width x height.

In addition, all fans wishing to purchase the historical product must pick it up at the stadium as it is a limited piece only available at the Club of The victory.

Likewise, the familiars mention that the historical reflectors have a price of 599 soles; However, the Grone fan can pay the sum of 499 soles as long as he subscribes to the “Get intimate” plan, in which he can receive many benefits related to his loved ones’ club.

Attacks in matute

In recent days, ahead of the Peruvian football classic against Universitario, the attack on the Alianza Lima badge, which is located outside the stadium, has been reported. Alexander Villanueva. It would be a subject who would have thrown a Molotov cocktail, starting a fire and alarming the neighbors living in the vicinity of the La Victoria colossus.