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Liven up your video chats with Xpression Camera software. Developed by, it does indeed use augmented reality technology to superimpose your facial expressions on every photo in real-time. In particular, adding these different elements allows you to create content, including videos, GIFs, and much more. Very easy to use, you can download Xpression Camera for free and use it on both Windows and Mac.

How does the Xpression camera work?

In order to be able to use all the functions of the software, you must first download Xpression Camera on your computer. Once installed, all you have to do is open the video chat or live streaming app that you use regularly for your conversations. Xpression Camera, works with both Zoom and Twitch, it’s up to you which video conferencing app you want to use and select it from your webcam settings. Once the application is open, you need to determine the photo you want to merge your facial expressions with. You have complete freedom to do this, you can also use the look of a celebrity, a painting, a historical figure… Your only limit is your imagination. You can also choose to leave your face as it is and only change the appearance of your hairdresser, your clothes or simply the wallpaper to enhance or blur the background of your face.

From the moment you confirm your choice, all the selections you make will be applied and animated according to the movements of your head, face and lips.

Additional features you can use

Besides being able to change the facial expression of your face during your video conferences, by downloading Xpression Camera you can access many other features, all as interesting and useful as the others. This includes Voice2Face technology. Accessible via a paid Pro subscription (from €8/month), it allows you to be outside the camera while the application animate your image entirely on the screen. You don’t have to stand in front of your camera, your facial features are naturally animated, even if you’re across the room during your conversation.

In addition to moving the lips for you, the animation can also create a variety of animations, giving a richer emotional expression. For example, with a simple click of a button, you can make your animation laugh, show signs of sadness or anger, etc. Also, discover popular filters and current trends, and mark your favorite filters for easy access anytime.

Do you also want to add fun and original visual effects to your video calls? So only one solution, download Xpression Camera and its real-time generative AI software.

The alternatives

There are several Xpression Camera alternatives that offer similar functionality for adding augmented reality filters and effects to your webcam. Among these, you will find ManyCam. This software for your webcam allows you to add visual effects, personalized backgrounds, text, logos and other elements to your webcam. It is compatible with multiple video conferencing and live streaming applications.

You can also use OBS Studio. Live streaming and video recording software, the latter allows you to customize your broadcast with multiple sources, transitions, filters, text effects and more. It’s totally free and open source.