Dramatic final hours of track 42 at US Mexico border

Dramatic Final Hours of Track 42 at US Mexico Border (+Photos)

The final hours of Title 42, which former President Donald Trump used to seek to halt the transit of migrants into the United States, were dramatic and will go down in history…

Last minute yesterday, 11:59 p.m. ET USAthis decree was suspended and replaced by 8, which is even more drastic as it stipulates in its sanctions that any person trying to enter without a visa will be banned from doing so for five years in any case.

Faced with this true ultimatum, tens of thousands of asylum seekers from many Mexican cities arrived at various points along the border and hundreds jumped into the water, even with babies on their shoulders, to try to reach the end of the track to get them in the water on the other side, infested by armed troops protected by barbed wire fences.

Still, under the blazing sun, with no food and the stress of risking their lives and their children in the waters of the Rio Grande, many managed to come in and line up beside the wall, but with very little hope Now, at the end of the 12 chimes of that midnight, they were under Title 8 regulations and the returns began.

The fear and desperation was enormous when the internet applications they were believed to have been given to connect to the migration centers broke or stopped working, prompting them to jump into the water.

Unfortunately, many families were separated, some in Mexican territory because they could not get over the barbed wire, and others in the United States because they were able to evade surveillance and overcome obstacles.

The counterproductive thing is that in these cases the uncertainty about their future is much greater because they lose contact with those left behind. Mexico and with those awaiting deportation in the United States under President Joe Biden’s new rules.

His government has activated mechanisms to expel those who are not eligible for asylum as soon as possible, which is said to be the case for anyone who managed to get through, as Title 8 provides for it.

If there were any doubts, the Minister for National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, was responsible for dispelling them, warning at the time of the title transfer that “from tonight, those arriving at the border are considered to be without one.” legal avenue are not entitled to asylum’, adding to the sentence that they face ‘possible criminal charges’.

So far it has been impossible to know exactly how many people have experienced these dramatic final hours of Title 42 and the most varied numbers are given, a minimum of 10,000 and a maximum of 60,000, but it is true that they were not only from America , but also from Asia and Africa.

Other data suggests that more than 10,000 people have been apprehended and deported by US border police every day since Tuesday, but there are no verified numbers.

The Mexican government is expected to report later this Friday on the matter, its part and the actions of its military, which is being deployed to prevent problems and protect the physical security of migrants.