Due to lack of snow one ski resort will not

Due to lack of snow, one ski resort will not open for the season

A ski resort in British Columbia had to make the decision to end its ski season before it could even begin due to the lack of snow and warm weather in the area.

Officials at Mount Timothy in the South Cariboo region, more than 200 kilometers north of Kamloops, made the announcement on their website.

“The owners of Mount Timothy have made a very difficult decision and are sad to announce that due to the lack of snow, continued warm temperatures, unforecast rainfall and the fact that the season was already starting early, “We will not do this.” Open for the ski/board season from the 23rd/24th,” it reads.

It wouldn't be the only resort in the western province trying to cope with a delayed winter season due to a warmer start to winter, the Vancouver Sun reported.

Quebec is not left out either, as several ski resorts in the La Belle province, notably Gallix on the north coast, have had to postpone their opening for the same reason.

A restaurant to save revenue

The expiration date on season tickets and gift vouchers will therefore be eliminated to prevent skiers and snowboarders from losing their money and to be able to use it as quickly as possible.

To make up for lost revenue, the owners of Mount Timothy have decided to keep their restaurant open and are asking for the public's support.

“We sincerely regret everyone affected by this difficult decision as we hoped for another exceptional season this year,” they added.