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Duets Sanremo 2024: no Annalisa Elodie, two big names with Geolier

L'ansa unveils the first duets of the festival on the cover evening: Annalisa with La Representative di Lista, Mannoia with Gabbani, Geolier focuses on two big Neapolitan names

Published on: January 24, 2024 4:58:00 p.mVirginia Destefano

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The countdown to Sanremo has officially begun and the Italian song festival is preparing to take the stageAriston for its 74th edition, scheduled from February 6th to 10th. The cover evening promises to be one of the most eagerly awaited a magical moment in which the competing artists breathe new life into the repertoire of Italian songs. The first rumors about the duets are already driving crazy, arousing curiosity and anticipation among the audience, who are excited to see what artistic connections will emerge on the most famous stage in Italy, and just this afternoon Ansa has published a series of names of the guest stars who will take the stage of the Ariston should enter. This is who I am.

Sanremo 2024: here are the most anticipated duets

The first rumors concern the duo Francesco Gabbani and Fiorella Mannoiawhose fate was intertwined in 2017 when Gabbani, kneeling at the feet of the famous Roman singer, won the victory of the festival. Ansa reveals that Mannoia has invited the winner of this edition to share the Ariston stage once again, revisiting this epic chapter of the festival.

The Kolors, winners of the Power Hits with Italodisco on RTL 102.5, could give the audience an unprecedented experience Collaboration with the famous singer-songwriter Umberto Tozzi, promises a performance that will make the audience go wild. But the surprises don't end there. Emma called rapper Bresh For a performance that promises to be full of energy and novelty, Loredana Bertè could join in Venerus, while Alessandra AmorosoAccording to insiders, with Boomdabash he could offer the audience a touching interpretation of the hit Mambo Salentino.

The other rumors about the duets

While BigMama could surprise everyone with her choice three aspiring young people for an unprecedented performance. Despite recent rumors, it seems that the duet Annalisa and Elodie are not held. According to Ansa, Bellissima's voice will actually duet with La Representative di Lista, the band that went crazy with Ciao Ciao in 2022. And again, Maninni (who is rumored to have a song that could compete for the win) could “sign” a big name who won the festival, namely Ermal Meta. Geolier, on the other hand, has already revealed that he will also focus on Neapolitanism for the cover evening and could be accompanied on the duet evening by two “big names” in Neapolitan music, Gigi D'Alessio and Luchè.
“Il Tre” (stage name of Guido Luigi Senia) will feature the rapper Fabrizio Moro at his side, while Gazzelle will sing in tandem with Fulminacci. Irama is still in the negotiation phase, trying to get Riccardo Cocciante's yes, while the La Sad trio woo Donatella Rettore. Finally, Eiffel 65 accepted Fred De Palma's proposal, while Nada will accompany BNKR44.

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