During a carnival party Lucas Lucco is surprised by a

During a carnival party, Lucas Lucco is surprised by a question about his sexual preferences and replies…


The question was asked while the musician was at the Sapucaí shack

Photo: Instagram/Lucas LuccoPhoto: Instagram/Lucas Lucco

Luke Luca received an unusual question early Monday (20) at the Sapucaí hut. While enjoying the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the singer was asked about his sexual orientation by a fan. When asked if he was homosexual, the artist denied the statement.

The musician not only denied whether he appears to be gay: “I’m not a Boi*la. Do I look like a Boiol*?” Even after famously denying being gay, the suitor asked if he would kiss Luan Santana and again received a direct answer from the singer: “Never,” said the sertanejo.

> Photo: Instagram/Lucas Lucco

Single since ending his marriage to digital influencer Lorena Carvalho, with whom he has a son, Luke said in an interview with G1 that he’s free to meet a new love: “I’m single. I got divorced last year… I’m available,” the musician said of the possibility of starting a new life Romance.

Speaking about the carnival, the singer said that to enjoy the celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, you have to follow your own style: “Before I left, I said that we have to come to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro as we are. So, I came in boots. Now dancing in boots is a bit complicated, ”explained the famous.

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