1683996398 e Paixao After being rejected by his sisterinlaw Andrade attacks

e Paixão: After being rejected by his sisterinlaw, Andrade attacks Lucinda and Anely revolts: "It was aggressive…


The villain will attack his wife and start a riot in the character of Tatá Werneck

Images: Rede Globo.Images: Rede Globo.

The next chapters of Terra e Paixão promise moments of suspense for Lucinda (Débora Falabella). the sister of Annely (Tata Werneck) will end up suffering at the hands of her husband, Andrade (Angelo Antonio)and ends up being attacked, which will infuriate her sister.

According to information from the portal “Summary of Novels”, everything will happen after the owner of the cooperative comes home late. Upset that he was abandoned by Anely, Andrade doesn’t believe his wife and, to make matters worse, becomes even more aggressive for being drunk and will even attack Lucinda.

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“You know it’s not cool when you drink. I actually had a meeting,” Lucinda will say, trying to explain why she came home so late. However, Andrade will push her and she will fall to the ground, injuring her arm. “Gosh love…did it hurt?” Anger will want to know. “You attacked me. Please leave me alone.” Lucinda replied. When asked about a possible trip to the hospital, the victim replies, “It’s fine. i will connect But leave me alone. I need to be alone”.

On the other hand, Anely will encourage Lucinda to denounce her husband: “He was aggressive at other times.” Nevertheless, the victim will defend him and the character of Tatá Werneck will continue to argue: “Lucinda, her husband is drinking, he’s losing control… He should report it.” .” The Maria da Penha law is designed to protect women.” “But I don’t know, I don’t know… I don’t want to end up with my family,” the married woman replied. “Think carefully. It’s only going to get worse from here,” affirms Odilon’s girlfriend (Jonathan Azevedo).