e Paixao In love with Aline Caio spares no effort

e Paixão: In love with Aline, Caio spares no effort against Antônio, confronts his father and makes a revelation…


The boy will be scared after Daniel approaches the farm

Photos: Reproduction/Rede GloboPhotos: Reproduction/Rede Globo

In earth and passion, Caio (Cauã Reymond) no longer hides that he is in love A line (Barbara Rice). Having, on the initiative of his father, saved the woman from the massacre and bought seeds for her, the boy is confronted Antonio LaSelva (Tony Ramos). In the next chapters of the soap opera, the fight between the two will be even more exciting.

the son of agatha (Bianca Bin) will feel threatened by the presence of Daniel (Johnny Massaro), his brother, on the family land. Irene (Gloria Pires), her stepmother, tries to convince Antonio to hand over the management to the halfbrother of Caio. Although he always avoids talking about it, the farmer will make the decision and accept the woman’s proposal.

> Photo: Reproduction/Rede Globo

Everything will begin because of the good deed of the firstborn. Without thinking, AntonioHe announces it, rather irritated Daniel It is peter (Débora Ozorio) becomes his successor after she decides to frame his daughter. During another discussion Caio will yell that he is also the rightful successor, on top of the charge Irene turn the father’s head against him.

trump card

What nobody knows is this Caio Talked to a lawyer and have a plan. after counting up Candida (Susana Vieira) the boy will interrupt a family dinner to drop the bomb. Without fearing the consequences, he reveals that he owns half of the La Selva fortune and informs them that he is ready to sue. Antonio take what’s yours