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e Paixão: Irene sets a trap related to Graça’s pregnancy to hit Caio and put her hands inside…


The villain will seek help from the bride of Antonio’s firstborn who, without realizing it, falls in love with the villain’s labia.

Photos: Reproduction/Rede GloboPhotos: Reproduction/Rede Globo

Irene (Glória Pires) never gave up on staying one step ahead of the family business La Selva. With Graça (Agatha Moreira) by her side, the matriarch sees a golden opportunity to achieve her great goal. In the next few chapters, Antônio’s wife (Tony Ramos) will set up a new trap together with the blonde in order to get all of her husband’s money.

The villain has shown on other occasions that she doesn’t have certain boundaries to get what she wants. However, in this case, Irene will build up her big coup with her new ally in a calculated and cool manner.

Irene will ask Caio’s fiancé (Cauã Reymond) for help. The plan will include your pregnancy. Gladys’ daughter (Leona Cavalli) will say she is taking big risks with her pregnancy, which makes the young peasant woman sensitive and concerned about the bride’s situation, who cannot hide her nervousness at the situation.

This trap will cause Caio to move away from Aline (Bárbara Reis) to be closer to his family and consummate the marriage. With great responsibility, Caio had fallen for the deceit of the “Trambqueiras” without realizing it.

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