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Earthquake in Turkey, man rescued from rubble: He was buried with $2 million in cash

Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

A man was pulled alive from the rubble after the earthquake in the Turkish city of Gaziantep. Rescue workers found a bag containing $2 million in cash next to him.

The bag containing $2 million in cash (Twitter photo)

The bag containing $2 million in cash (Twitter photo)

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Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

From the rubble of a collapsed building a gaziantep Rescuers pulled out not just one Man, fortunately still alive, but also a duffel bag. Inside they almost found two million dollars. The find occurred in the Ayşe-Mehmet Polat Sitesi district, where teams from the Gaziantep City Fire Department were conducting search and rescue operations.

The banknotes were reportedly counted by rescuers who videotaped the scene and then released it to the press, before handing them over to local police. Derde Bozgeyik, the firefighter who found the money, said that “it is an established procedure: any valuables found in the rubble will be returned to their owners or their families”.

Meanwhile, the number of deaths caused by the earthquake continues to rise. According to the latest toll provided by local authorities, the number of confirmed casualties in Turkey has risen to 41,156. This was announced by civil defense chief Yunus Sezer. A budget to which the at least 6,000 deaths caused by the earthquake in Syria must be added.

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Thousands of children among the victims of the earthquake. In Turkey, some volunteers have decided to remember them by placing red balloons on the rubble of destroyed buildings. Together with photographer Ogun Sever Okur, they climbed rubble in Hatay and attached balloons to wires sticking out of the piles of rubble.

However, the most critical situation appears to be in Syria, where aid is struggling to expand and where the shifted there are hundreds of thousands. As reported by oxfam, they are currently surviving in dire conditions in shelters set up in the earthquake-affected areas, but the shelters are overcrowded and there is neither adequate sanitation nor enough clean water for everyone.

A situation that exponentially increases the risk of new epidemics Cholera. One of the most critical situations is registered at Aleppo, where in some shelters over 150 people, including women and children, are forced to share a single bathroom.