quotEasier ejectionsquot The German left votes for tough action against

"Easier ejections". The German left votes for tough action against migrants

Faster ejection for i Asylum seekers rejected, in some cases even without warning. The German socialists voted for what the Italian left would probably have branded as an anti-democratic and dangerous package of measures. However, outside our borders there is a progressivism that is different in some aspects. Yesterday the Bundestag agreed to tighten the rules Returnsin the middle of a heated internal discussion right on Migrants issue. The regulation provides for a number of procedural simplifications and stricter rules to make it easier to expel rejected asylum seekers.

According to our understanding, the new directive adopted by Parliament also provides for increased detention options for those subject to deportation orders, as well as greater rights for the police during this period seeks carried out to verify a person's identity. The maximum duration of the service will also be increased Pretrial detention before expulsion from 10 to 28 days and the return of people who appear to belong to a criminal organization will be made easier. In addition, in some individual cases the obligation of the authorities to announce an expulsion has been lifted (families and children under 12 are exempt from this case). The measure aims to defuse an increasingly problematic situation: i Reception centers The Germans for Migrants and Refugees are now full of asylum seekers who, in many cases, do not have the documents to remain on German territory.

“Anyone who does not have the right to remain in Germany must leave Germany again,” emphasized the Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser, a leading member of the social democratic party SPD. This is “a prerequisite for migration to be accepted in society and integration to work,” the government representative added. The number of expulsions from Germany has already increased by 27% last year and is expected to rise even further as a result of the new law. This means that similar regulations will come into force in Berlin as the Italian government's on returns and resuscitation measures. Just that in Italy The left took to the barricades and accused the executive of meanness.

Chancellor Scholz himself had said in unsuspecting times that he was watching the pact between Italy and Albania with attention and interest. At the same time, in the last few hours, the SPD leader has sharpened his tone towards the more extreme right on the migrant issue and compared the plans for “re-immigration” with the racist ideology of National Socialism. “If there is something that should no longer have a place in Germany, then this is itpopulist racist ideology the National Socialists. The extremists’ disgusting plans express nothing else,” said the Chancellor in a video. And finally: “This is an attack on our democracy and therefore on all of us.”