Easy to understand news for February 29, 2024

B1 language level:

Already more than 30,000 dead in the Gaza war

More than 30,000 people have died in the Gaza Strip since the start of the war. 70,000 people were injured. Tens of thousands are still missing. They are probably buried under the rubble of their homes. The Palestinian organization Hamas announced this on Thursday. However, information on this subject cannot be independently verified.

The Israeli army said it had killed around 10,000 terrorists. The UN on Thursday condemned ongoing attacks in the Gaza Strip as “carnage”.

Heavy fighting west of the Ukrainian town of Avdiivka

Almost two weeks ago, the Russian army captured the city of Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine. Now the Russian soldiers advance even further. There is currently heavy fighting around several towns west of Avdiivka. The Ukrainian army is having difficulty stopping Russian attacks. This was stated by the Ukrainian commander-in-chief Olexander Syrskyj.

Russian attacks also continue elsewhere. Russian forces are said to have advanced to the city of Robotyne. Ukraine recaptured Robotyne in August.

Speeders can now lose their car

From March 1, 2024 there will be new traffic laws. The news is that speeders can be expropriated. You lose your car if you drive 50 mph too fast in a local area. Cars can also be auctioned.

Outside urban areas, this applies if drivers drive at 90 km/h too fast. There is a criminal record for illegal car racing. Anyone caught doing this will lose their car if they exceed 60 km/h in the area. Outside cities it is 70 km/h. The ÖAMTC announced this.

Austria has a Song Contest party this year

The final of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Malmö, Sweden, on May 11th this year. Kaleen from Upper Austria represents Austria. She performed her song on Thursday. It's called “We Will Rave” and it's a disco hit made to make people dance.

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö begins on May 7th with the first semi-final. Kaleen will perform in the 2nd semi-final on May 9th. This year, 37 countries are participating in the music competition. Last year, Sweden won the music competition, which is why this year it is held in Sweden.

Explanation: Musical Competition

The Eurovision Song Contest is a music competition that takes place every year. Musicians from various countries compete against each other in the competition. A musician or musical group can sing for each country. Everyone in the participating countries can vote on which song should win.

Friday brings dust and rain in the Sahara

A special weather phenomenon may occur this Friday. Because Saharan dust is expected to reach Austria from Africa. The wind carries the dust across the Mediterranean. If it rains, reddish traces may remain. Geosphere Austria reported this on Thursday.

It will be generally cloudy from early Friday. In the west and south it will rain in the morning. The forecast is for better weather for the weekend. There may be strong winds on Sunday. Overall, it remains very light.

Explanation: Geosphere Austria

Since January 1st, the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) and the Federal Geological Institute (GBA) have merged to form Geosphere Austria. ZAMG, founded in 1851, was responsible, among other things, for weather forecasting. Now Geosphere Austria is doing it.

Explanation: Saharan dust

Wind can blow dust from the Sahara Desert in North Africa to Europe. Dust in the air can turn the sky from yellow to brown. It is harmless to healthy people. But people with health problems should be careful. You may have breathing problems. Saharan dust also contributes to air pollution.

A2 language level:

More than 30,000 dead since fighting began in the Gaza Strip

Started in October 2023

the fighting in the Gaza Strip.

Since then, there have been more than

30,000 people died.

Furthermore, more than

70,000 people injured.

Tens of thousands of people will

still missing.

The Palestinian Organization has this

Hamas said on Thursday.

But these numbers cannot

be independently verified.

The UN condemned the attacks

accentuated in the Gaza Strip.

Declaration: UN

UNO is English and means

for “United Nations”.

In German this means something like

“United Nations Organization”.

You can also say “United Nations”.

The UN is an association of almost

all countries in the world.

Austria is there too.

The UN also has many organizations

that help people in need around the world.

The Russian army continues to attack in Ukraine

Avdiivka is a city
in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian army has Avdiivka

achieved about 2 weeks ago.

Now the Russians are acting

The soldiers continue to attack.

There is intense fighting in several villages

in the vicinity of Avdiivka.

The Ukrainian army can do this

unlikely to deter Russian attacks.

That's what Alexander Syrskyj said.

He is the commander in chief

the Ukrainian army.

Russia is also attacking others

places in Ukraine.

Russian soldiers are in

Robotyne village retreated.

This is what the Russian army said.

Ukraine had Robotyne first

recaptured in August 2023.

If you drive too fast you could lose your car

In Austria they apply from March 1st

new traffic laws.

Speeders can then

be expropriated.

This means they lose the car,

if you drive too fast.

The car can also

be auctioned.

The strict rule applies if you are in the

Local area driving 80 km/h very fast.

Outside of places, this applies if you

driving 90 km/h very fast.

In illegal car racing

there is a previous conviction.

And you also lose your car if

on illegal racing in the local area

60 km/h is very fast.

This happens outside of places,

if you drive too fast at 70 km/h.

Austria takes part in the music competition with dance music this year

Eurovision will take place this year in May

The Song Festival takes place in Sweden.

For Austria this happens

Singer Kaleen.

She has it on Thursday

presented his music.

It's called “We Will Rave”:

The song is a disco hit and

It's supposed to make people dance.

This year we are participating in the music competition

a total of 37 countries.

Last year, Sweden had the

Won music competition.

That's why he's finding out this year

happened in Sweden.

Explanation: Musical Competition

The Eurovision Song Contest is

a musical competition.

It happens every year.

In the Eurovision Song Contest

musicians from various countries perform

against each other.

Saharan dust arrives in Austria on Friday

There's a rare one on Friday

Meteorological event in Austria.

So Sahara dust comes from Africa

according to Austria.

The wind blows the desert dust

across the Mediterranean.

Then when it rains they turn red

colored traces can be seen.

This is what Geosfera Austria says

On Friday the weather will be cloudy from early morning.

There will be rain in the west and south.

The weather will be more pleasant over the weekend.

There may be strong winds on Sunday.

It remains very smooth.

Explanation: Geosphere Austria

There used to be in Austria

2 climate authorities.

Namely, the central office of

Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG)

and the Federal Geological Institute (GBA).

The two got married this year

Merged on January 1st.

Before that it was since 1851

ZAMG for them

Responsible for weather forecasting.

Now this is what she does

Geosphere Austria.

Explanation: Saharan dust

The wind can blow the dust away

Sahara Desert in North Africa

bring to Europe.

The dust in the air can destroy the sky

yellowish to brownish in color.

It's for healthy people

Not dangerous.

People with health problems

but you must be careful.

You may have problems with the

obtain airway.

Saharan dust also contributes

contributes to air pollution.