Ecuador warns against criminal escape quotMost Wantedquot of the country

Ecuador warns against criminal escape "Most Wanted" of the country The antagonist

Ecuador warns of the escape of the country's most wanted criminal

Source: Reproduction of the Ecuadorian Armed Forces

The most wanted criminal in Ecuador who leads the criminal group Los Choneros, surprised officials on Sunday afternoon, the 7th, by disappearing from the detention center where he was being held. The authorities have already announced that a major operation to search for traces of the prisoner is underway.

Police reports

The General of the Ecuadorian Police, Cesar ZapataHe was asked about what happened at a press conference. At that time, he confirmed that an inmate at the Guayaquil prison had indeed disappeared.

The name of the missing prisoner was not specifically mentioned by the general, but the prosecutor later spoke out and explained that the investigation was focused on the “supposed escape” of José Adolfo Macias.

On the hunt for the prisoner

Macias, known in the criminal underworld as “Fito,” is the leader of Los Choneros, one of the largest criminal groups in the country. He was sentenced to 34 years in prison in 2011 for multiple crimes, including drug trafficking and murder. According to security forces, his group is involved in illegal activities ranging from extortion and murder to drug trafficking.

Organized crime has even infiltrated Ecuador's main prisons, where criminals like Macias, who occupy high positions in the hierarchy, are easy to find. Conflicts between rival factions are commonplace in Ecuador's overcrowded prisons. According to official reports, clashes have resulted in the deaths of more than 400 prisoners since 2021.

Search process

The President's spokesman, Roberto Izurieta, praised the work of the police forces. “We are grateful for the courage and commitment of the police forces who intervened in the prison in search of the most wanted prisoner in an operation that involved more than 3,000 people,” Izurieta told the press.

The search for criminal leader José Adolfo Macias continues.