Edoardo Donnamaria You have to laugh its the only weapon

Edoardo Donnamaria: “You have to laugh, it’s the only weapon you have” ​​Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

Antonella had a strong fight with Onestini and oriana, and experiences a small moment of anger towards Edward who did not defend him. “I don’t like seeing my boyfriend laughing while someone is making fun of me,” she says, very sorry.

The fencer, who is particularly disappointed, doesn’t accept the comparison with the handsome Roman, “I don’t want to be with you,” she yells at him and tries to get away. The VIP tries to explain his smile and the lightness he had during the confrontation with Oriana, explaining in very calm and calm tones that he was just amused by the disrespectful and goliardic way in which the beautiful Venezuelan woman expressed herself. “We all laughed,” concludes his reasoning.

The presenter wishes Antonella to live the comparisons with her fellow adventurers more easily and concretely, as for Oriana, who would answer with a smile: “You have to laugh, it’s the only weapon you have”.

“Nobody was against you,” he says Milena witnessing Edoardo’s sweet words of comfort.

The fencer does not expose herself so much, but is annoyed by what she has experienced. Will he be able to let himself go and not succumb to the provocations of some of the house’s tenants?

Later, in the bedroom, the VIP continues with her complaint about Oriana and those who laughed during their one-on-one conversation.

“Don’t get nervous,” he advises her Anthony seeing his partner particularly upset. “Don’t worry,” he adds Daniel She invites her friend not to fall for provocations.

Likewise Nikita She joins in her adventure companion’s pain and congratulates her for not answering, starting a fight and not being in a bad mood.

Antonella is left alone again with her better half, who tries to make her think about what happened in the Cortiletto. “You don’t have to blame me,” he says, showing himself close to the VIP’s anger, “I laughed because he sang wrong,” he justifies his spontaneous reaction.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t understand how I feel,” replies the fencer, still looking disappointed at the behavior of her companions. “I feel alone,” she concludes with tears in her eyes.

Edoardo challenges Antonella to react calmly to situations involving her and to avoid words and jokes from people she does not respect and does not consider her friends.

The VIP seems a little hesitant, but thanks to the handsome Roman’s determination, the two finally manage to hug each other sweetly. How will tensions develop in Italy’s most spied house?