Edoardo Settebellezze is the Duchess De Petriss killer Big Brother

Edoardo Settebellezze is the Duchess De Petris’s killer Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

The first names appear on the suspect list. L’Inspector Brule and his assistant Matter They continue their investigation. the Duke De Petris, a lord and guest of the Magione, at the head of the suspects, is arrested. But for what reason?

Don Davidino of Leccehowever, believes the killer could be Daniel Mercadanti, responsible for the dinner groceries. The Duchess was last seen in the kitchen. They suspect that the woman took something there.

Giele Sofia Donaqua He had a feather coat as a clothing accessory, and a bird’s feather was found on the victim’s body. Names overlap, as do suspicions and hypotheses, as the Magione grows afraid that another victim might add to the killer’s calculations. The doctor Asleep continues to pay attention to the kitchen and taking a food substance, but the fortune teller Nikita emphasizes another detail.

The Duchess may have come into contact with another allergen. What if the doctor was the real killer? Maybe to hide the guilt of hiding the truth about the birth of Antonella de Petris?

Time is pressing and the VIPs are getting closer: the victim is allergic to dog hair. But where do you find one? How did it happen? Those are her questions. The candidates are stuck in a dead end and the inspector cannot find a solution: “The inspector asks the others, which inspector is this?” he asks Edward Seven Beauties.

For Nikita Nonloso the suspect is actually Settebellezze Senior, she saw him go into the pink room. However, the only one who has a dog is Alberto De Petris, and for Milena the motive is clear: he married the wrong woman and now he will be without money, with a partner he doesn’t love. Is that so?

Big Brother steps in to help the VIPs solve the problem, and the inspector brings the new mission: “The time has come to pull the strings of your investigation. Who is the culprit? Who is guilty of the heinous murder of the Duchess De Petris?”

The job of the candidates is to write down their suspect, after Inspector Brulé’s speech the VIPs will reveal their cards.

“You thought I wasn’t looking at you, but I actually have my suspect,” says the commissioner. Many think the suspect’s name is still Alberto the Fur the Dog, but are these clues enough to place the blame on the Duke?

Nikita seems to be the only one who has no motive, but many put her as the perpetrator and she is the name the investigator chose: “Does she have very suspicious attitudes, the motive? I don’t know.” The contestants yell, “You’re a clown.”

The notes are revealed, name by name the main suspects are Nikita, George and Alberto, but the real killer is Edoardo Settebellezze and this is confirmed by a video on the Led, the only ones who understand are Nikita and Giaele.

His motive? Kill Antonella to then bond with Wilma’s real daughter and get the inheritance money!