El Habanero hits Otto Ortiz where it hurts quotThank you

El Habanero hits Otto Ortiz where it hurts: "Thank you ESEN"

The Cuban comedian Julio César Rodríguez, known as “The Habanero” left a message for his colleague Otto Ortizwhere he reminds him of the National Insurance Company (ESEN), a government entity with which he signed a contract to insure his car, but which did not benefit him.

“I came over to visit some friends I hadn't seen for a while. We talked a lot and laughed a lot. We discussed future plans, me in art and she in her work insuring the cars. They told me that sometimes this process happens quickly and in other cases it is delayed and there are even cases where vehicle owners die and They never renew the car“El Habanero told Otto.

Habanero on Facebook

The comedian assured that he had “a very great afternoon” and is sure that his friends will not let him down. This prompted Otto to immediately respond in the comments of the post.

“You have fallen so far that you don’t even deserve my comment. ESEN, you are so bad at what you do that you hang out with the worst in this country,” Ortiz said, attacking more forcefully in a second comment.

“The sad thing is that the time will come for an “artist” of his stature. “Although I recognize that the biggest accident Popov ever had was not in traffic, but during childbirth, when he fell face first on the ground,” Otto said.

Actress and singer Rebeca Martínez also interacted among the comments on the Habanero post.

“I have been paying my car insurance since 1998. I stopped doing this during the pandemic. Did I do right or wrong? Advise me, my love,” said the artist.

Otto Ortiz has long been demanding from the Cuban insurer YOU MUST REPLACE THE CAR.

His vehicle was beyond repair after an accident. The vehicle change must be contractually agreed with you. However, the institution keeps telling him that he has to wait because there are no vehicles there.

Bacán was the counterpart to Otto Ortiz on social networks, but emigrated to the USA. The habanero has now become its “virtual enemy” in Cuba.

Both comedians are causing a lot of controversy on social networks. They push each other and sometimes, as in this case, trigger heated debates about the inefficiency of Cuba's state institutions.