Elas por Elas Meet the cast and characters of the

Elas por Elas: Meet the cast and characters of the new soap opera Splash

Evilásio (Cosme dos Santos) Father of Taís and Mário, always supports his son in everything. He takes care of the household and is always looking for something to do because he can’t stand sitting still.


Helena (Fernanda Lasevitch/Isabel Teixeira) Voluntary and used to always having everything she wants, she runs the cosmetics factory founded by her father Sérgio (Marcos Caruso) with an iron fist. She is the overprotective mother of Giovanni (Filipe Bragança) and is married to Jonas (Mateus Solano), but is in a relationship crisis. Things get even worse when Adriana (Thalita Carauta), Jonas’ exfiancée, returns to her life and Helena is once again confronted with her great rival, who will be a thorn in her side.

Isabel Teixeira is Helena in “Elas por Elas” Isabel Teixeira is Helena in “Elas por Elas”. Image: Globo/Estevam Avellar

Jonas (Dani Flomin/Mateus Solano) Husband of Helena and father of Giovanni (Filipe Bragança). He has a good relationship with his son, but is not very close to his fatherinlaw. He was Adriana’s (Thalita Carauta) boyfriend, but he married Helena when she became pregnant.

Giovanni (Filipe Bragança) The son of Helena and Jonas, he falls in love with Isis (Rayssa Bratillieri), daughter of Adriana (Thalita Carauta), his father’s exgirlfriend. It will also pique the interest of Cris (Valentina Herszage). He works in the family cosmetics business.