Elden Ring Because of a crazy challenge he spends more

Elden Ring: Because of a crazy challenge, he spends more than 35 hours on a single boss! – Millennium

Defeat all bosseselden ring can already be complicated for the majority of players and yet some don’t know how to make it without increasing the difficulty even more and this is the streamer’s choice star0chris absolutely abused in a challenge.

Defeat all Elden Ring bosses when there are 10 in the arena

You read that right, star0chris has decided to embark on a streaming adventure in which he wants to complete the game and the various bosses by constantly fighting them 10 times. That is, if you come into an arena, this is not the case not one, but 10 copies to face at once.

Some bosses are therefore extremely difficult in 10 times and this is the case with Maleth which star0cris has probably spent most of his time on so far. It’s no less than 900 dead on more than 35h Amount of battle it took the streamer to defeat this boss in x10.

Build-wise, he opted for magic and mostly grenade throwing spells to stay “relatively safe”, even if in this particular case not even magic can save you.

An adventure that is far from over

However, Maliketh wasn’t the last hurdle, in fact the streamer still has a few bumps in its list. Of course, to complete the game he has to face Loux, who with his various holds in ten copies could well be unbearable, but the problem is further away. To complete this challenge, he must defeat 10 malenia at the same time, Diagrams are not required. I think you got the adventure’s difficulty level right.

What if Malenia wasn’t the hardest part? Indeed is also on his list Star, This boss is relatively complicated but not unfeasible, but in 10 copies if you don’t kill him fast enough some of his attacks will become very difficult to dodge. Will the streamer manage to defeat him?