Elimination Chamber Brock Lesnar Cant Get Out of Hurt Lock

Elimination Chamber: Brock Lesnar Can’t Get Out of Hurt Lock, He Explodes Lashley

Second fight of this Elimination Chamber 2023, Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley pulled back cover for a third confrontation. A match that would decide between them as Lashley defeated Lesnar at Royal Rumble 2022. Lesnar took revenge in Saudi Arabia a few months later. 1-1, so see you tonight…

The two men engaged in a flurry of finishers that eventually gave Lashley the opportunity to land a powerful hurt lock on the Beast. Lesnar seems unable to get rid of it and is forced to give Lashley a private thrust in order to end his suffering. The referee rings, Lashley wins by disqualification!

If Lesnar didn’t come to terms with his exit from the Rumble in the last match, it certainly wasn’t from tolerating an unbreakable hurt lock. Lesnar waves to the referee…and gives him an F5! Started he continues with a second F5, this time on Lashley. Determined to make the former US Champion pay, Lesnar pulls him out of the ring, clears the commentary table and does a third F5 that sends Lashley through the structure. Lesnar also sends a second F5 to the referee for a tie, which crashes into the rubble.

So a fight for nothing. A fourth round at WrestleMania is more than relevant!

All results of the 2023 Elimination Chamber can be found at this link.

Photo credit: WWE