Elisa Lucinda to Regina Duarte Stop being undemocratic

Elisa Lucinda to Regina Duarte: “Stop being undemocratic”

The actress and former Minister of Culture in the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) Regina Duarte published this Monday (2/1) on her social networks that the banner of President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva (PT) was used during the inauguration this Sunday ( 1.1.) was wrong and that it was served by the President of the Supreme Electoral Court, Alexandre de Moraes. In response to the comment circulated by the former president’s supporter, actress Elisa Lucinda urged her to respect the current president and stop being antidemocratic.

“Even the sash is a scam! Alexandre de Moraes supplies the thief with a fake sash to pose as President!” Regina wrote in the caption of a photo showing the difference in the sash used in the last two inaugurations would.

Lucinda, in turn, stated, “The (artistic) class is shocked by you, Regina”. And he advised her to either accept the election result or to refrain from “saying the word democracy”.


The sash used by Lula during his inauguration was the same model he had used prior to his 2010 departure. Over the years, the presidential sash has undergone several changes.

The model used on Sunday has the coat of arms embroidered with gold thread, while the model used by former President Bolsonaro had lighter colors.