Elle Fanning reveals she lost her role in a major.webp

Elle Fanning reveals she lost her role in major franchise because she had no Instagram followers

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Despite a curriculum full of prestigious productions in Hollywood, the actress Elle Fanning He has also faced some problematic situations throughout his career. In an interview with the podcast Happy Sad Confused, the Princess’ performer aurora In vicious revealed that he had missed out on a role in a major movie franchise due to the number of his followers Instagram.

However, during the podcast interview, Fanning said so “Don’t feel pressured” Participate in major franchises in the industry just to stay “relevant”She has already auditioned for at least one of them. However, Fanning said he ultimately missed the opportunity at the time because the studio didn’t have enough followers on Instagram.

“I tried… I won’t say what it was, but I never once got a part in anything big because — maybe that wasn’t just the reason, but the feedback I heard — I didn’t get it.” “I had enough Instagram followers back then”said Elle Fanning to Happy Sad Confused. “That was a little bit, I don’t know … I don’t really believe in not getting a part. [por isso]. It was about something bigger, a franchise thing.”

Elle Fanning is currently the star of the series The Great.

Curiously, these days Elle Fanning collects little more than 6 million followers on Instagram. The actress is known to the general public not only through the Disney film, but also through her participation in more independent productions, such as 20th Century Women (2016) and neon demon (2016).

Fanning is also the star of the series. The great, the third season of which was released this Friday (12) in the United States. Here in Brazil begins the new chapter of the plot that accompanies the story of the rise of Katharina the great who was an empress of Russia arrives at Lionsgate+ in day July 14th.

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