Emanuela do you remember the weave of Striscia la Notia

Emanuela, do you remember the weave of Striscia la Notia? is unrecognizable and lives like this Solo Spettacolo

la Velina Emanuela, Strisica the news - solospettacolo.itla Velina Emanuela, Strisica the news – solospettacolo.it (web source)

What happened to Emanuela from Striscia la Notia? The former tissue turned her life upside down after the experience at the Canale 5 counter.

The historian Satirical news by Antonio Ricci has been a must-attend time event for millions of Italians for over 30 years.

In fact, it is transmitted remotely 1988and countless showmen, comedians, showgirls, and actors have taken turns directing it.

From this came the character of “Velina,” an otherwise attractive and quiet character who infuses the program with the inevitable deadlift of the dance.

This role has given several showgirls and starlets a chance to break into the entertainment world: including Elisabetta Canalis, Maddalena Corvaglia, Costanza Caracciolo, Federica Nargi and Giorgia Palmas. Over the years, the authors of “Striscia la Notia” have also referred to the “Velini” – the most famous, Pierpaolo Pretelli – and to the “Velone“Curvy gets a chance to enter the show’s famous counter. How can we forget the effervescent among the most irresistible? Emanuela Aurizi?

Emanuela Aurizi: That’s what she does after “Strip the news”

The nice big size Emanuela Aurizi landed on “Striscia la Notia” in 2015, after a commendable militancy in some television dramas. Born as an actress, she starred in Wings of Life and Police District in the ’90s and later landed on the big screen as well. In fact, he’s worked with directors of the caliber of Carlo Vanzina and Leonardo PieraccioniThey do some guest appearances in their films.

After her engagement in Striscia, Emanuela Aurizi continued to invest in her passion for acting, this time in the role of acting theater scenes. The ex “Velona” took part in the show “The true story of Kekko and Nina” by Luigi Galdiero and in “My family has grown” by Massimo Cinque. He’s not even afraid of confrontations most popular talk showsand in 2020 it became a verbal brawl with the food consultant Alberico Lemme on the ground floor of “Afternoon 5″…

Emanuela Aurizi – solospettacolo.it Emanuela Aurizi – solospettacolo.it (web source)

Emanuela Aurizi and the fight live with Lemme

The “Velona” ax received a guest in Barbara D’Urso’s living room in 2020 and on that occasion said she had 30 kg lost thanks to a tailored diet.

With his proverbial lack of diplomacy, Alberico Lemme alerted her to how insignificant the results were compared to her looks, prompting a piqued response from Emanuela Aurizi. “But Covid has not come to its senses! You really are a man’s head!” she hissed. Finally: “I lost 30 kg before I weighed 145!”“.

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