Emile Bilodeau flies over Quebec in new River music video

Émile Bilodeau flies over Quebec in new “River” music video – LanauWeb

After a decade of traveling the French-speaking world, with particular attention to Quebec, which is so dear to him, Émile Bilodeau has no intention of stopping anytime soon, but sometimes dreams of a break during which he can travel the world and find his roots could in a relaxed way – a fabulous trot he describes in “Fleuve,” taken from his fifth album, “Au bar des Hopes,” released last fall under Bravo. A new music video illustrating the spaces, movements and anticipated nostalgia is now available.

I want to travel for two whole years
I want to meet people all over the world

On a guitar as gentle as a river breeze, Émile tells us about this dream travel project and ” [d’]”Desire to see something different”, which he cannot carry out because his career as a musician prevents him from doing so – and assures us that, should this happen, he will continue to follow the news from the province (especially the activities of the CH) and I would also need a weekly video conference to hear the eponymous St. Lawrence River…in short, he wouldn't hear as much, but it's a sign that he loves us! The excerpt is now supplemented by an ad hoc clip as a homage to the province and everything that is there. This gives us access to special moments from Émile's current tour: the installation in the room, the camaraderie between musicians and the technical team, the exuberant crowd. But we also see what happens between shows that makes touring life so unique: getting to know locals, be it in a supermarket or at an outdoor ice rink. And the famous river, which, like the artist, offers a spectacle and reminds Émile that he is home.

Because when I hear the St. Lawrence River
My friend, I feel like a child
I feel the strong wind and then inside
Like an emptiness that constantly guides me

The music video for “Fleuve” was produced and directed by Upawa (Soufiane Benrqiq). Émile Bilodeau's Au Bar des Espoirs tour continues across Quebec – see all dates at emilebilodeau.ca

Watch the “Fleuve” clip


January 26 | Quebec
January 27 | Valleyfield
February 9th | Sainte-Genevieve
February 10 | Repentigny
February 17 | Winnipeg
March 22nd | Sept-Iles
March 23 | Baie Comeau
March 29 | Cowansville
March 30 | Brossard
April 3rd | Jonquière
April 4th | Roberval
April 5th | Alma
April 12 | Richmond
April 18 | Sainte-Thérèse
April 20 | Mont Tremblant
April 26 | Joliette
April 27 | Sorel Tracy
May 3rd | Montmagny
May 24 | Saint Camille

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