39Emily in Paris39 Star Ashley Park Shares Update After Suffering

'Emily in Paris' Star Ashley Park Shares Update After Suffering 'Critical Septic Shock' While on Vacation


Published January 20, 2024, 6:19 am ET

“Emily in Paris” star Ashley Park is grateful as she continues to recover from “critical septic shock” she suffered while vacationing with her co-star and boyfriend Paul Forman.

The actress, who plays Mindy Chen in the hit Netflix series, revealed that she was brought to Dubai from the Maldives to receive treatment for her illness.

On her Instagram Story Friday evening, Park shared a photo from her bed thanking several people who helped her and Forman through their traumatic health crisis.

“Thank you @parkhyattdubai @iamsonalvara @iamashparmar for accommodating @peforman near the hospital when we were shifted to Dubai (nearest hospital for treatment of my condition) for comprehensive care,” she wrote.

“For giving Paul a place to stay near me when he was not allowed to sleep in the ICU, and for both of us while I needed a home to receive treatment outside of the hospital but was not medically cleared to travel .”

Ashley Park revealed that she was brought to Dubai from the Maldives to receive treatment for her illness. Instagram / Ashley Park

On Friday, she posted a carousel of pictures and videos on Instagram showing her recovering throughout her hospital stay.

“During my December and New Year vacation, tonsillitis developed into critical septic shock, infecting and affecting several of my organs,” she wrote.

Park revealed details of her traumatic health crisis on Friday. Instagram / Ashley Park

“I am grateful that my health has improved despite what we were initially told.”

Park, 32, said she was “deeply grateful” to every nurse and doctor in the intensive care unit who worked “tirelessly” to help her, as well as to the Joali Being Resort, which “responded immediately and stayed with me to help her.” “To provide language translation and vital support.”

The actress shared pictures with her boyfriend caring for her in the hospital. Instagram/@ashleyparklady

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She also praised her 29-year-old boyfriend for being by her side “unconditionally.”

Park admitted that she was hesitant to share her story because she was still in the “sickness of recovery,” but learned that she was “certainly on the other side of the worst.”

Park plays Mindy Chen in Emily in Paris. STEPHANIE BRANCHU/NETFLIX

Park's co-star and series lead Lily Collins rushed to the comments section on Friday after learning of her pal's health concerns.

“I can barely watch this without crying,” she wrote under Park’s post.

“I love you sister and I'm forever grateful for you being on the other side and to @peforman for your incredibly big heart and for being there every step of the way,” Collins wrote. I can’t wait to hug you both ❤️.”

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