Emmy 2023 Boss says he hasn39t received a normal award

Emmy 2023: Boss says he hasn't received a normal award in a long time Splash

Beyond the United States

We evolved and had to change. There are many works that come to us from international markets such as Brazil, European or Asian countries. And they find their audience with different types of productions at home that are also relatable here in the United States.
Frank Scherma, President of the Television Academy

According to Scherma, American viewers, who are notoriously opposed to watching productions with subtitles, have now become accustomed to the feature. “We aim for the opposite. With so many titles from Korea, Mexico and Brazil, subtitles make us open to various works from around the world. So subtitles have become a part of our everyday life.”

For example, a Brazilian production is currently competing for the International Emmy Award. However, there is a chance that this will change soon. “The more global we become, the more difficult it is to tell the difference between an international series and a series produced in the USA,” explains Maury McIntyre.

The Emmy Awards take place this Monday The Emmy Awards take place this Monday. Image: UOL piece

Biggest challenge

The task of an academy voter seems simple. It would just be about watching the productions, right? The Emmy CEO disagrees.