1707178617 EN IMAGES Miley Cyrus turns heads on the Grammys red

[EN IMAGES] Miley Cyrus turns heads on the Grammys red carpet

Miley Cyrus turned heads on the Grammy red carpet in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

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For the performance of the gorgeous “Flowers,” the 31-year-old singer wore a sheer gold mesh dress held up by safety pins, with gold underwear and matching Christian Louboutin shoes.

EN IMAGES Miley Cyrus turns heads on the Grammys red


But it was her bouffant hairstyle, a tribute to 80s hair constructions, that ignited social networks and divided the passions of Internet users. Enthusiasts compared her hair to Farrah Fawcett's, while others, more brutally, compared it to Margaret Thatcher's.

It was the singer's first red carpet appearance in ten months.

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Miley Cyrus was nominated in six Grammy categories. In the evening she gave a great performance with her hit “Flowers”, which also won her a Grammy.

1707178607 442 EN IMAGES Miley Cyrus turns heads on the Grammys red


In fact, the singer won Record of the Year at the Grammy Awards thanks to her song Flowers.

As a true pop chameleon, the American prevailed above all against superstar Taylor Swift and serious competitors such as singers SZA and Billie Eilish and won this prestigious performance award at this equivalent of the music Oscars.

“This award is extraordinary, but I really hope it doesn't change anything because my life was beautiful yesterday,” reacted the singer. “Not everyone is going to get a Grammy, but everyone in this world is spectacular, so please don't think about it, it's important.”

Her song “Flowers” ​​is the title track of her eighth studio album “Endless Summer Vacation”. The hit spent eight weeks at the top of Billboard's Top Songs chart last year.

1707178608 693 EN IMAGES Miley Cyrus turns heads on the Grammys red

Getty Images via AFP

In her album, the 31-year-old singer integrates country and rock tones into her usual pop-dance style. A nod to his childhood near Nashville, Tennessee and the legacy left behind by his father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus first made a name for herself as a Disney muse in the series Hannah Montana, where she played an ordinary teenager who exists in secret as a global pop star.

1707178610 927 EN IMAGES Miley Cyrus turns heads on the Grammys red


As she grew older, the singer then damaged her image, leading to numerous outbursts that made tabloid headlines.

Her best-known songs include the pop singles “Party in the USA” and “Wrecking Ball,” but Miley Cyrus later became known for her versatility and the quality of her covers.

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