quotendanger the worldquot quotLets move on to the votequot High

"endanger the world". "Let’s move on to the vote". High tension between Italy and Russia

Italy has informed the Russian Ambassador in Rome Sergei Razovnot to accept the result of the referendums held in the past few days in the Moscow-occupied Ukrainian territories. Read the press releases Farnesina after the meeting, in the offices of the foreign ministry, between the secretary Ettore Sequi and the Russian diplomat himself.

The positions of the highest representative of the Moscow government were obviously different. Summoned this morning in Sequi, Razov reiterated the Russian position and dismissed Italian statements on the issue. Thus, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, another question and answer arose between Italy and Russia.

The Summoning of Razov

The notification of the official summons to the Farnesina arrived at the headquarters of the Russian embassy in Rome on Sunday afternoon. In the last few hours, the meeting between Razov and Sequi.

The convening came a few days after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proclamation on the annexation of the Ukrainian regions Kherson, Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Lugansk to the Russian Federation. A decree signed by the head of the Kremlin, with the referendums being held in these areas currently occupied by Moscow troops in the background.

At the Farnesina, Minister Sequi Razov wanted to explain the reasons why Italy has not and will not recognize the referendums: “Rome – Sequi told the ambassador – will fully adhere to the partner countries when assessing further restrictive measures against the illegal actions of Russia “. “Referendums are illegal consultations on the annexation of occupied territories in violation of all the rules of international law – Sequi explained at a meeting with the press – that’s why I told Ambassador Razov that Italy does not and will not recognize the result. I demanded the Russian authorities to put an end to this misconduct and asked the ambassador to immediately and unconditionally withdraw Russian forces from Ukrainian territory. Russia’s actions endanger global security.”

But why was the Russian diplomat summoned? A question whose answer has been the subject of several hypotheses in recent hours. There are voices in diplomatic circles pointing out that in a phase of the impending change of government, the Italian side must reaffirm their positions, regardless of the color of the new majority. In the last days, the candidate in pectore to head the executive, Giorgia Melonihad already declared broad support for Ukraine and broad agreement with the positions of NATO allies.

The real reason was explained to journalists by Sequi himself. “The convening – he said – took place as part of a coordinated action with EU partners. In fact, during these hours, other European Union capitals have also summoned their respective ambassadors of the Russian Federation to convey to Moscow a common, firm and unequivocal message on the illegality of referendums.”

The response of the Russian embassy

The ambassador’s official statements to Ettore Sequi were announced by the Russian diplomatic office in Rome. “Sergei Razov – according to an embassy press release published on Facebook – categorically rejected the statements of the Italian side and presented his positions on the issues raised in accordance with the provisions of the speech of the President of the Federation Vladimir Putin on September 30 in the St. George’s Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace”.

As on other occasions, the deep disagreements between Italy and Russia in the Ukraine crisis have become clear. A distance appeared in Moscow even before the outbreak of the war, not a little surprised, and initiated a lively exchange of accusations between the parties.

The new diplomatic question and answer then took place at a very delicate stage, marked on the battlefield by the difficulties of the Moscow troops, on the energy front by the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline and the specters of a difficult winter for Europe. This latter circumstance fits well with the conflict, given the current importance of Russian gas supplies to the Old Continent and to our country.