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Location and surroundings

*Advertisement* In the heart of central Istria, in the idyllic village of Floričići, lies the base of Enduro Floricic. Surrounded by some of the most popular enduro trails in the region, this center not only offers its own enduro park, but also guided tours through the picturesque landscapes of Istria and Lika.

Various guided tours

Enduro Floricic is characterized by a wide range of routes that combine the beauty of the Istrian coast and the challenges of the central Istrian paths. Whether you want to explore the east, south, west or north coast of Istria – here you will be accompanied by experienced local guides who will make each tour an unforgettable experience.

Journey of discovery in Lika

For adventurers who want to go beyond the borders of Istria, Enduro Floricic offers tours in Lika. This region in central Croatia is known for its extensive forests and challenging climbs that will delight any enduro fan.

The Enduro Park

The heart of Enduro Floricic is the Enduro Park in central Istria. With routes of more than 7 kilometers and difficulty levels ranging from moderate to extreme, the park is a paradise for endurance enthusiasts. New routes are added every year, which allows the park to continually grow.

Accommodation and gastronomy

Enduro Floricic offers several accommodation options adapted to the needs and desires of guests:

  • The main accommodation is located directly in Floričići.
  • For those looking for a holiday home with a private pool, there is a selection of beautiful villas close to the enduro park and trails.
  • Luxurious accommodation and fine dining are also available for guests interested in coastal tours.

Security and service

Safety is the top priority at Enduro Floricic. If there is a problem, the team is always ready to help and all tours are accompanied by a 4×4 vehicle.

Contact and more information

Questions about the tours and offers? The Enduro Floricic team can be contacted via email or WhatsApp. For more information, visit the website: www.endurofloricic.com.

Discover the stunning world of enduro in Istria and Lika with Enduro Floricic – where adventure and nature go hand in hand!


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