Enrica Bonaccorti the beaten face quotIll tell you what happened

Enrica Bonaccorti, the beaten face: "I’ll tell you what happened to me"

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Enrica Bonaccorti he does not hide and shows his swollen face. Nobody hit her and she herself revealed what happened on social media: “Reality is good again! Nobody hit me … I fell on my face and smashed my shoulder”.

Then, in an interview with Corriere, he reveals the difficult moment he’s going through: “I’m not afraid to show my fragility. Surely it has to do with age, because … old ladies fall and break – she replies with self-mockery – “A psychologist friend of mine then told me that it was no coincidence that I broke my shoulder because I was so carry many burdens on my shoulders. Public affection? It’s something that wraps me like a warm caress. Because I am too.” I lost my partner a few months ago and I only have my daughter Verdiana and my grandson MatteoHis grandson, although he is now 18 years old and tall and 90.

She then speaks again of being a woman, rejecting the opposition between the concept of the terry and that of the fragile: “A fragile woman who knows how to be strong because I make a virtue of necessity. If things have to be done, they have to be done. At 19 I’m working and I’ve always done things that, now that I think about it, seem incredible to me. No matter how much I worked, no matter how much I moved on my own, I’ve always been very independent, without protective circles, this appreciation, this loveliness that so many people bestow on me (even without the broken shoulder) is something that fascinates me – I’m a little ashamed to say it because it’s rhetorical – makes you feel like you’re in a big big family who love me, affection that I fully reciprocate. Finally, he talks about his relationship with the friendships: “Friendships? By now you have to have them; because even as a child I never had any circles of friends, perhaps because I lived in a barracks and my father, a police colonel, was exposed to transfers. Then as I grew up it went a bit further. In short, I repeat, this isolation has certainly punished me.