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Ephemeris of January 3: What Happened on a Day Like Today? THE NATION

That Ephemeris of January 3rd Group a set of facts that have in common that they are past a day like today. This Wednesday marks the 20th birthday of the climate change activist Greta Thunbergas well as a new anniversary of the entry of Aretha Franklin for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famethe first woman to receive this award.

Its inclusion in this museum is in Cleveland, United Statesperformed four years after the founding of the center, which was opened in 1983 by various figures in the North American recording industry. In 1988, Florence Ballard, Diana Ross and Mary Wilson spoke The Supremeswould they follow the interpreter of “Respect” as a group that now shares the corridors of this museum with other artists such as Tina Turner, etta james, Pattie Smith, Madonna Y Janis Joplinamong other things.

Greta Thunberg Today she turns twenty and finds her to be one of the most representative voices of the community young before the climate change. The woman who started her activism with a school strike at her Sweden At the age of 14, he took part in the most important forums in the world in this field, such as the UN climate summits. She is also a role model for all young people with Asperger’s, a condition she has been diagnosed with and manages to live a life of outstanding publicity for a cause that has many implications for the future of young people and humanity .