Epstein affair Victims file complaint with FBI

Epstein affair: Victims file complaint with FBI

Twelve women who claim to be victims of American financier Jeffrey Epstein, who is accused of crimes and sex trafficking but who committed suicide in prison before being brought to trial, filed a civil lawsuit on Wednesday against the FBI Federal Police over his ” “Failures” in dismantling the network are a suspected criminal.

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“For more than two decades, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) enabled Jeffrey Epstein to engage in sex trafficking and sexually harass scores of children and young women by failing to fulfill the mission assigned to the American people,” it says The US Federal Bureau of Investigation's complaint included 12 women, identified by a pseudonym.

“If the FBI had fulfilled its investigative and intervention duties, Epstein would not have been able to commit the heinous crimes of sexual assault and human trafficking,” the plaintiffs thunder in a court document filed Wednesday in Manhattan federal court.

The 12 women seeking a civil lawsuit denounce the FBI's “repeated and persistent failures, delays and inactions that allowed Epstein and others to continue their sex trafficking conspiracy for nearly 25 years.”

They mention, for example, a first report by a woman, Maria Farmer, in August 1996 to the FBI against Jeffrey Epstein and his companion and accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of the British tycoon Robert Maxwell, who has been serving a prison sentence in New York since 2022. 20 years in prison.

The plaintiffs even accuse the FBI of a “cover-up” in its investigation, without providing any factual information.

In early January, a judge in the same court published a list of Epstein's names, contacts, acquaintances, relatives, victims or alleged accomplices.

Among these 150 to 180 identities we find former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, but without any mention of the slightest illegal or reprehensible behavior on their part.

The British Prince Andrew is also often mentioned.

As a friend of the Maxwell-Epstein couple, in 2022 he reached an amicable settlement – worth $13 million, according to the Daily Telegraph – with American Virginia Giuffre, who accused him of sexually assaulting her in 2001, when she was 17.

The disgraced 63-year-old prince denies this.

The influence of the Epstein network fueled a series of conspiracy theories after his death about an attack disguised as a suicide in August 2019 in a New York prison.

However, forensic medicine and the FBI concluded that he had actually killed himself and that this death “was not the result of a criminal act,” which was confirmed by the Justice Department in 2023.