Ernst Knam against the famous and popular face of MasterChef

Ernst Knam against the famous and popular face of MasterChef: "Out of place" | War of the Titans iFood

Live drama for Ernst KnamErnst Knam –

It was a true clash of titans that unfolded on MasterChef. A debate between candy experts that stunned everyone.

It seemed like a simple debate between chocolate expertsbut then it escalated into one mighty clash of titanswhose protagonists were not only pastry chefs, but also many other people who were lined up to defend their favorite pastry chef.

It all happened after one Episode of MasterChefwhat it was sharply criticized by Ernst Knam for the way chocolate is processed. There the debate between the two pastry chefs began.

However, the matter did not end in a simple discussion but developed into one There was a real clash in which several people intervened, including the daughter of the pastry chef involved, the journalists of “Striscia la notizia” and the lawyers. All this to figure out the best way to temper chocolate.

Everything related to the crash was reported on Luciano Pignataro's blog and in the magazine, who then summarized the excitement they had caused. So much chaos for dessert.

A suspicious result

Even the cook Luigi Biaseto He intervened to calm the hatred that had arisen between the two and at the same time to have his say. However, given this, his words did not calm the situation much Both spoke in favor of Ernst Knam and the confectioner. “Ernst must have been tired when he shot the video“The chef initially tried to defend the pastry chef, but concluded his comment by agreeing with Ernst Knam.

Who knows how things would have turned out if the pastry chef from “Bake Off” hadn’t intervened. Perhaps the test that the MasterChef contestants faced it would simply have been viewed as bad luckBecause only one of the twelve chefs managed to temper the chocolate correctly. What if it really was like Ernst Knam says? That Iginio Massari always made mistakes when tempering chocolate?

1704723019 294 Ernst Knam against the famous and popular face of MasterChefIginio Massari –

The harsh words of Ernst Knam

According to the thoughts of Ernst Knam, MasterChef's feared pastry chef, Iginio Massariit would have poorly explained to competitors of the program on how to temper the chocolate to make it I completely misunderstood the test assigned to them.

These were his words: “The chocolate needs to be brought to twenty-two degrees, not twenty-seven. The hemisphere is not created with a trowel, but with a brush. You don't put the mold in the blast chiller, but in the refrigerator. The hemispheres don't come off by tapping on the mold, they come off on their own. This is to show you that anyone can do it if you explain well how to temper chocolate.“He basically touched her very gently.

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