quotEros Woe to him who touches it Thomasquot The revelation

"Eros? Woe to him who touches it. Thomas…". The revelation by Michelle Hunziker

She is waiting to return to television as the protagonist – at the helm of her show “Michelle Impossible”. Hunziker She was a guest with Silvia Toffanin at Verissimo and returned to talk about the split from her husband Tomaso Trussardi. A still painfully open wound.

However, before she talks about her private life, the native Swiss wanted to give her daughter’s pregnancy space Aurora Ramazotti and the golden moment she experiences as a mother. Michelle will soon be a grandmother and told Canale 5 how she is waiting for her grandchild to be born: «For me it is like becoming a mother again. I’m ready and I’m excited,” confessed Michelle Hunziker, who is delighted at the impending birth of his grandson.

The painful separation from Trussardi

However, it was impossible for Verissimo not to also talk about saying goodbye to her ex-husband, Tomaso Trussardi, with which there had been an overture that unfortunately failed at the beginning of the year. Speaking about the end of her marriage, the presenter said she still feels “a great pain” for the lost dream of a happy family full of love. “If you invested emotionally, you believed in it very much and if this project then fails, it’s a pain for everyone,” Hunziker admitted and spoke about the path that both are now taking to find one balance: “It is important to understand that time heals everything. We go our way and the ultimate goal is what I achieved today with Eros. It takes time but we are good.”

Relations with Eros today

A path that Michelle Hunziker has already taken with her first husband, Eros Ramazotti, and which led to a deeper union. “Eros? Woe to anyone who touches me. We are very close, we love each other very much and it’s wonderful that it’s like that,” revealed the presenter, speaking of a maturation that led both to live like a parental family. Then Michelle revealed what keeps them together and how their relationship has changed over time: “We’re very close friends, for me that’s important Luck and mine is important to him. Friendship goes on, it’s no longer necessarily being a couple at home, but loving each other beyond. It took time and I think it’s an important investment to try to love each other, first for us and then also for the children, it’s nice.” What the presenter hopes today will also happen with Trussardi.