Etienne Boulay is caught by his colleagues and it39s about

Étienne Boulay is caught by his colleagues and it's about his ex Annie Villeneuve

Étienne Boulay falls into the trap of his colleagues, and guess what? It is his former girlfriend Annie Villeneuve, from whom he separated in 2009.

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On February 15th Pascal Morrissette And Genevieve Hébert-Dumont staged a little prank live on Étienne Boulay's microphone WKND. While everyone was already reeling from the pregnancy announcement of Annie Villeneuve, Boulay's ex-partner, this hosting duo decided to add some spice by bringing Étienne into the joke in a whole new way. Completely unexpected.

The two hosts gave him very surprising news: he would be the godfather of Annie Villeneuve's future child. Needless to say, the ex-footballer was not prepared for this!

Being a good player, the host quickly came to his senses to sort things out. He assured everyone that he never received an official request to take on the role of godfather.

What sarcasm!

To see the hilarious moment, watch it below:

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