EUROJACKPOT, THE WINNING NUMBERS / Today’s draw, Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Like every Tuesday and Friday, the date is the same today with the lucky competitionEurojackpot, a European game with a live draw every two weeks, in Helsinki, Finland. The jackpot varies between 10 and 120 million and today in detail it will be 20 million. Every time someone guesses the 5+2 numbers, the number is reset to 10: this happened just a few draws ago and for this reason today we are talking about a prize pool of 20 million.

This value will continue to increase until it reaches 120 million or until someone hits the 7 numbers. To take part in the Eurojackpot competition, you must choose the 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and the 2 Euro numbers from 1 to 12. To verify the numbers, however, remember that this can be done physically by leaving the slip at the ticket office or online on the website ofEurojackpot.


New extraction ofEurojackpot, a European competition that takes place twice a week, on Tuesday and then Friday. A double date that offers important surprises and extraordinary winnings every time that can reach the monstrous sum of 120 million. In fact, the game offers a variable prize pool from 10 to 120 million. This actually changes from time to time: it starts at a base of 10 million, but grows each time, draw after draw, if no one guesses the numbers 5+2. The maximum that can be achieved is 120 million.

However, if someone guesses the numbers 5+2, the number is reset to the base 10 million: a number that is certainly very important, but is the lowest number in this game. There are also different categories of winners in this European competition: you already win by matching two numbers, but the goal of all European players will be to achieve 5+2. Today, November 28th, takes place Jackpots is 20 million.


As we have seen, theEurojackpot provides a variable prize pool between 10 and 120 million. The jackpot of each draw depends on the maximum win in the previous draw. If one or more players guess the 5+2 numbers, the number is actually 10 million. Today there are 20 million and last week one player managed to guess all 7 numbers. However, what failed in last Friday’s draw, which we will now analyze. In fact, no one guessed the 5+2 numbers, but 4 guessed the 5+1 numbers and took home €386,198.00 each. 11 people guessed 5 numbers and received €79,199.10 each. There are 28 wins from the 4+2 for €5,132.20 each. Overall, winnings were achieved in this Eurojackpot draw 642,543 PricesFor a total of €9,843,578 won.


Winning combination
6 – 13 – 23 – 11 – 12

Euro numbers

(The winning numbers of Eurojackpot are published on the official website of the State Monopoly We decline any responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the winning numbers of the competition and invite you to look directly on the website of the monopoly and/or at reception)