European Championship Quebecs La Zarra Goes Electro Disco To Represent

European Championship | Quebec’s La Zarra Goes Electro-Disco To Represent France

(Paris) La Zarra, a Quebecer who will sing for France in the Eurovision Song Contest, is betting to win Obvious, a melancholy lyrics laced with electro-disco and featured on Sunday night’s 8pm news on France 2 becomes.

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Philippe GRELARD Agence France-Presse

Obviously, it’s “the first word that came to me when I was offered to do Eurovision”, explained the artist, presenting this title to some journalists on Friday and asking “Eurofans” to remain discreet until Sunday evening.

The song’s title sounds like a wish for a self-fulfilling prophecy for France, which hasn’t won the Eurovision Song Contest since Marie Myriam in 1977.

“Let’s get this victory! », starts Alexandra Redde-Amiel, head of the French delegation, alongside the artist for this private listening.

The song’s introduction commemorates Edith Piaf and thus an heiress, Barbara Pravi, French candidate who placed 2nd in 2021. But this is a false lead. Because after a minute electro-disco appears, enthroned on a bulging bass line.

For the lyrics, La Zarra – alias referring to “La Môme”, nickname of Édith Piaf – mixes themes that already irrigate the success Tu t’en iras that unveiled him in 2021, part of his first album Traîtrise, released in the was released the same year.

Either the accumulation of clouds announcing the rain after a fine day, a metaphor for the disillusionment of a sentimental or professional life.

“Obviously all these beautiful promises I hear it’s just wind,” sings the Quebec native, always mysterious without revealing her age.

“I always sing melancholy, but it’s not sad. I want to move forward despite false promises, ”the singer developed a black sheath dress and Louboutin pumps on her feet on Friday.

The artist promises “an insane outfit” on this theme on D-Day, May 13 in Liverpool. Ukraine won the last edition but cannot host the competition due to the Russian invasion.

“As you know, I am from Quebec (my family is) of Moroccan origin. When Eurovision came to me I had this feeling, this need to talk about self love, universal love. This song was just written in three nights,” she continues.

The previous Natasha St-Pier

The artist was chosen following a crush meeting with Alexandra Redde-Amiel, also director of entertainment and games at France Télévisions.

The vote of a jury and the public, which has been customary in France in recent years, has therefore been put in brackets. Officially, the poor performance of the 2022 penultimate French candidates Alvan & Ahez has nothing to do with this.

As a reminder, in 2001 France was represented at the Eurovision Song Contest by Canadian Natasha St-Pier (4th).

When a journalist, who, among other things, likes to hear a little echo of Conchita Wurst’s winning song from 2014, asks La Zarra if she is inspired by it, Alexandra Redde-Amiel replies:

“That’s a question that could almost upset her. She is not at all dependent on the inspirations of the winners, she is an artist from the heart. That is what makes all the wealth of La Zarra, it cannot be compared, ”cuts off the head of delegation.

“Here, as she said,” adds the singer happily.