1704013462 Evacuations California expects 10 meter high waves at OO

Evacuations: California expects 10 meter high waves | .at OÖ

The National Weather Service in Los Angeles predicted flooding in low-lying coastal areas. Waves up to six meters high and strong currents posed an “extraordinary risk”.

A coastal flood warning and high surf warning have been issued for the San Francisco Bay Area until early Saturday afternoon (local time). Waves of eight to 10 meters are expected at west-facing beaches along the central and northern California coast, he said.

Ventura, about 105 kilometers northwest of Los Angeles, has been affected by extreme weather since Thursday (local time). Homes and businesses were flooded with seawater, sand and marine debris, and buildings were damaged. At least eight people were injured. The rogue waves and threat of coastal flooding are blamed on a Pacific storm system that dumped heavy rain across much of the West Coast on Friday night, coinciding with the recent appearance of unusually high tides known as king tides.


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