Everything there is a horror says Renata Sorrah of Cassia

Everything there is a horror, says Renata Sorrah of Cássia Kis f5.folha.uol.com.br

Rio de Janeiro

After a hiatus of almost five years she starred in a few chapters of Segundo Sol Renata Sorrah is back in soap operas. In “Vai na Fé”, a 7pm show that just premiered on Globo, she is a renowned actress who has received few invitations to work over the years. The situation makes her character so angry that she ends up becoming a jealous and bitter person.

In fiction, Renata finds even Wilma’s rude remarks amusing, but in real life, that’s a different story. The actress avoids speaking badly of friends and coworkers, but at a certain point, she didn’t hold back. When asked about her relationship with Cássia Kis, she frowns and doesn’t hesitate. “With no strings attached…a horror. Everything there is a horror,” he said at the soap opera’s opening party in Rio.

The good mood quickly returns as soon as he starts describing the new character. “I love everything: Rosane’s lyrics [Svartman, autora] and the ease of casting. My core is full of humor and Wilma has already been defined as a villain, but I don’t think so. She is fat, completely unfiltered and hurt by life,” he defines. “She was a celebrity who got older and the roles got harder. A classic example of ageism and despite being supported by her son, singer Lui (José Loreto), she thinks he’s cheesy and cheesy (laughs).”

In addition to age discrimination, the plot also addresses topics such as racism, prejudice and toxic relationships. All in a “very easy” way, according to Renata, who says she thinks it’s “great” to start discussions, which she believes is one of the actor’s functions. But she swears her age has never left her feeling neglected.

“I think one of the most agefriendly professions is acting because when you start out as a kid, you’re playing the role of a kid. Then you play a young person, then a more mature person, and even a grandmother. Professions, for example,” she says