Everything you want to know about Casa Amors 4 new

Everything you want to know about Casa Amor’s 4 new boys on the island of love – Narcity

The arrival of four new girls at Casa Amor has definitely upset many maps on the Isle of Love. Now, however, it’s the original candidates’ turn to return to the mansion and meet four new boys while the candidates are in the house next door.

You can’t see their debut until the week of May 15th, but in the meantime, here’s everything you want to know about Deandre, Victor, Adam, and Nicolas.


One of the new islanders is called Deandre Bizzarro, he is 22 years old, comes from Brossard and is a web entrepreneur. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been working as a sales and marketing specialist for a company called Amx-50 since July 2022.

He is of Haitian and Italian descent and currently lives with his grandmother, giving him a common ground with Bianka, who idolizes her grandmother Huguette. What appeals to him in a woman is her emotional maturity and he doesn’t mind dating someone older than him.

According to his Instagram profile, he has immersed himself in the world of influencers since he has photos with Jessika Dénommée from Occupation Double Greece as well as Tommy Kimpton from OD Martinique.

He would also have worked with boxer Jean-Pascal as well as for the competition company Winners Vault with Charles Montigny of OD Chez Nous.

Deandre also owns the EDM Canada Facebook page, which has over 50,000 subscribers, where he shares festival programs and memes, among other things.


Victor Leblanc is 22 years old, comes from Laval and was born under the sign of Libra. He is currently studying physical education at McGill University with the goal of becoming a coach. He attended Letendre College in high school and Lionel-Groulx College in CEGEP. The islander is a football player and wears the number 76 in the McGill Redbirds team.

He also works as a bartender at SUWU bar in Montreal, according to a December 2022 photo. Victor says he believes in love and has a cupid tattooed on his forearm. His girl style? A blonde with blue eyes. If Mahyka stays in the adventure, he might be able to turn to her.

On the professional side, he notably worked with KaseMe Design and carried out a photo shoot for photographer Enya de Belle.

Victor loves to leave the country as he visited Florida in May 2022 and Costa Rica in early 2021 where he went surfing.

According to a statement from the production, he was dating an islander in season two, but his identity is still unknown at the time of writing.


Adam Benmoussa is 24 years old, comes from Montreal and, in addition to his work as a model, is a semi-professional soccer player for the Carabins team, where he wears the number 9.

In November 2022, his football team won a national medal for the fifth consecutive year. He studied at Rosemont College and has been a student at HEC Montreal since September 2020.

According to his Facebook profile, Adam is a project coordinator at Agence FBRQ and part of the Dulcedo modeling agency.

Adam has a TikTok account with almost 4,600 followers and over 279,000 likes. He releases humorous videos and music as well as some modeling contracts.



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One of the new guys is called Nicolas Gervais, he is 21 years old and comes from Laval. The carpenter and carpenter, born under the sign of Leo, also works as a model in his free time. Like Victor, he studied at the Collège Letendre.

According to a statement from the production, he has appeared on the cover of a novel described as “naughty” and starred in a rap music video.

Nicolas has also done photoshoots with companies such as Billystudios, Crunchy Media as well as gym photoshoots.

He makes working out a part of his life and even created a gym-themed patch on his Instagram Highlights. He also posts videos of his sports sessions on his TikTok account, where only a few videos have been shared so far.

Nicolas likes serious conversations with a mature, ambitious girl who has a strong personality. When he flew to the Dominican Republic to take part in the show and try to find love, it was the first time he took the plane.

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