Exatlon USA All Stars Who is eliminated today January 19th

Exatlón USA All Stars: Who is eliminated today, January 19th

The Exatlón USA All-Stars Grand Finale Approaches, Therefore, the struggle to reach this stage has intensified. Since the elimination duel last Sunday The teams were left aside and the competition became individual.

They are planned for this week two elimination duels per day, every other day, i.e. Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, so that Only four participants reach the grand finale. After I said that, The duel plan was as follows:

  • Wednesday, January 17th: Two athletes leave the elimination duel
  • Thursday, January 18th: 8 compete and 2 win immunity
  • Friday, January 19th: Two more athletes are eliminated in the elimination duel
  • Sunday, January 21st: 6 compete against each other and 2 win immunity and receive their pass to the Grand Finals. The remaining 4 compete in a second elimination duel and only two of them reach the final.
  • Monday, January 22nd: Big final

Last Wednesday there was an elimination duel that ended with Anisa Guajardo and Horacio Gutiérrez Jr. leave the competition. Later Thursday, two candidates won immunity.

The ex-footballer Jonny Magallón was defeated by Kelvin Rentería, who gained immunity after a difficult test in the Exatlón United States All-Stars races. On the other hand, Caterine Ibarguen During one of the Arena tests, he demonstrated his skills and aiming ability, which earned him immunity to the next stage.

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Exatlón USA All-Stars: Who was eliminated today, January 19th

After real moments of tension and after the elimination duels were not won, the Two athletes leave Exatlón United States All-Stars this Friday, January 19th. The following people lose their chance to reach the grand final: Jonny Magallón and Wilmarie Negrón.

Exatlón USA All-Stars: Complete list and order of eliminated players

In light of today's elimination, This is the updated list of all participants who dropped out of the eighth season of Exatlón USA All-Stars until today, January 19th.

  • 1. eliminated: Dennhi Callu – Team Azul
  • 2. eliminated: Miguel Ángel Espinoza – Team Azul
  • 3. eliminated: Francisco Javier “El Maza” Rodríguez – Team Rojo
  • 4. eliminated: Raquel Becker – Team Azul
  • 5. eliminated: José Carlos “JC” Herrera – Team Rojo
  • 6. eliminated: Shaila Perez – Team Rojo
  • 7. eliminated: Kenny Ochoa – Team Azul
  • 8. eliminated: Alondra “Nona” González – Team Rojo
  • 9. eliminated: Frank Beltre – Team Rojo
  • 10th eliminated: Mirna Alamada – Team Azul
  • 11th eliminated: Alfredo Pang – Team Azul
  • 12th eliminated: Claudia Martinez – Team Azul
  • 13th eliminated: Alberto “El Venado” Medina – Team Rojo
  • 14th eliminated: Nate Burkhalter – Team Red
  • 15th eliminated: Yamilet Peña – Team Rojo
  • 16th eliminated: Viviana Michel, “The Huntress” – Team Rojo
  • 17th eliminated: Anisa Guajardo
  • 18th eliminated: Horacio Gutierrez Jr.
  • 19th eliminated: Wilmarie Negron
  • 20th eliminated: Jonny Magallon

Losses due to injury

  • Marisela “Chelly” Cantú – Team Rojo
  • Azul Granton – Team Azul
  • Chuy Almeda – Team Azul
  • Yoridan Martinez – Team Azul

When is the grand finale?

Exathlon USA All Stars It airs Monday through Friday at 7:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. CT on Telemundo channels. The grand finale will take place next Monday. January 22nd, same prime time.

The winner not only receives the title of best athlete, but also returns home with one Prize money of $500,000.

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