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Expert recommends “Dry January” Vienna

Weight loss, better skin and more restful sleep: According to scientific studies, these are the benefits of abstaining from alcohol in “Dry January”. But it's also good for the psyche, says Georg Psota, head of psychosocial services in Vienna. “First of all, a psychological advantage is that I discover that it doesn’t have to be this way. Just as you can get used to drinking alcohol regularly, you can also get used to not drinking,” Psota said in the “Wien Today” interview. Furthermore, the ability to concentrate increases measurably.

Austria with consumption of 11.1 liters of pure alcohol per year

“Dry January” is originally a health promotion initiative launched in the United Kingdom in 2013. There has also been a campaign in Germany since 2023. The expert criticizes the fact that Austria, with a per capita consumption of 11.1 liters of pure alcohol per year, have not yet followed suit. “It is also something that you can adopt very well because there are good precursors”, says the doctor.

George Psota

ORF Georg Psota, from the Psychosocial Service, recommends facing the dry month together

Tips for a successful Dry January include refraining from friends or co-workers and clearly communicating your goal. “If you know there's a certain ball on January 27th where this probably won't work, then firstly, it's good for you to admit that, then you can extend it for a few days, and secondly, “ It would also be wise if you don’t proceed in such a way that you stay on top of everything,” says Psota.

Less withdrawal with non-alcoholic wine

The chief doctor sees a trend towards short-term alcohol abstinence, especially among young people. However, even in “Dry January”, it is not necessarily necessary to say no to wine. The Viennese winery “Mayer am Pfarrplatz” in Döbling has also been offering alcohol-free wines for six months.

Abstaining from alcoholic beverages is a real trend in January

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“We have now started the first attempt – certainly on a larger scale. We produced 25 thousand bottles. Half is gone. “This surprised us,” says winemaker Gerhard J. Lobner from “Mayer am Pfarrplatz”. The Viennese winemaker chose non-alcoholic “Gemischter Satz” and “Grüner Veltliner”.

Non-alcoholic wine labels

ORF The Viennese winemaker “Mayer am Pfarrplatz” has been offering alcohol-free wine for six months

The alcohol is removed under vacuum

“The wines that then go to de-alcoholization would, in principle, be ready-made wines, almost bottleable. The alcohol is then removed through a process in which the alcohol is removed under vacuum”, explains the winemaker. He also wants to follow the trend more in the future: a Riesling and a non-alcoholic sparkling wine will hit the market in 2024.