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Explosion in a residential building in St. Petersburg

Several people were injured yesterday in an explosion in a residential building in the Russian metropolis of Saint Petersburg. Local media reported that a drone detonated. Governor Alexander Beglov spoke only of an “incident”. He promised help to residents of the damaged apartments.

Authorities said six people sought medical help. A 92-year-old woman was taken to hospital. Residents were accommodated in a kindergarten. Psychologists are also in charge of caring for those affected, she said.

Smoke column over residential building in Saint Petersburg


Videos were shared on social media showing and hearing a large explosion. The authenticity of the recordings has not yet been verified.

No comment from the Ministry of Defense

There was no comment from the Russian Defense Ministry. The St. Petersburg news portal “Fontanka” reported that the drone may target a nearby oil depot. Drone defense is also in use there.

So far, St. Petersburg has barely been hit by missiles. However, Ukraine announced that the range of its drones was increasing.

Video shows explosion near St. Petersburg

In the evening, the governor of Leningrad Oblast, which borders Saint Petersburg, Alexander Drozdenko, also reported on the use of anti-aircraft defenses in the Gulf of Finland. He released a video showing an explosion.

The clip aims to show the shooting down of a drone by an anti-aircraft missile. There were no injuries or damage. It was said that for a short period no aircraft were allowed to land at Pulkovo airport.