ExpoGolf Quebec face to face at the Sheraton Laval

ExpoGolf Québec face-to-face at the Sheraton Laval

On Saturday, the general public is invited in person to ExpoGolf Québec from 8am to 5pm, taking place at the Sheraton Laval and Convention Center. You can prepare for your golf season by purchasing your packages from 70 exhibitors and shopping at the show’s boutique.

ExpoGolf Quebec is in full swing as we see Hugo Dallaire, Senior Director at Quebecor, David Bérubé, Quebec Regional Director of the National Association of Golf Course Owners of Canada (ANPTG), Joanne St-Pierre, Director, Events & Sales & Consulting , Fabien Aurientis, account manager also at Quebecor.

The members of the ANPTG include Daniel Pilon, President, National Council of the ANPTG, Nathalie Lavallée, Chief Operating Officer, ANPTG, Luc Dupont Hébert, Member of the Advisory Board, Dany Beauséjour, Member of the Advisory Board, and Jonathan Salvas, Member of the Advisory Board.

Éric Taylor, Dufferin Heights Golf Club, is with Pierre Pilotte from the Fédération de l’Âge d’Or du Québec (FADOQ) and Sylvie Deschamps from the FADOQ.

The Mulligan Center du Golf was well represented by François Pouchet, the owner, as well as Ayman Bourehim, Laurianne Mongrain and Annabelle David.

The animation is constant with the auction, thematic conferences and the many prize draws including golf trips, while we see Sylvie Schetagne from Golf Tonus who has just finished her lesson.

Home Club Socks’ David Cloutier and Caroline Ciot offer a great collection of golf socks for both men and women.

Martin Ducharme, President of the Association of Golf Superintendents of Quebec (ASGQ), is dating Suzie Gaboriault, Royal Bromont, Nathalie Potvin, Château-Bromont, and Sébastien Néron, the Château-Bromont pro.

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