Extremely hostile act Russia outraged by shadow storm missiles aimed

“Extremely hostile act”. Russia outraged by shadow storm missiles aimed at Ukraine

Russia’s Foreign Ministry condemned the UK’s decision to supply long-range missiles to the Ukrainian army as an “extremely hostile” move showing London’s involvement in the conflict. “We regard this decision as another extremely hostile move by London aimed at further arming Ukraine and leading to a serious escalation of the situation in the area of ​​special military operations,” the ministry said in a statement.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry therefore accused the British government of “taking the conflict to a fundamentally new level in terms of destruction and loss of life”. “Responsibility for the consequences of the destructive action in London rests solely with the authors and executors of this reckless move,” it said. Britain will send Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine, with a range almost three times that of the US Himars, which have already caused Moscow’s forces enormous problems with their long-range firepower.

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