Ezio Greggio and Romina Pierdomenico have split: "Now we are good friends"


The love story between Ezio Greggio and Romina Pierdomenico is over. The couple announced this on social media with an Instagram story. In fact, the relationship is over after 5 years: “We both have different projects for our lives, the story has become a great friendship,” both write. There was an age difference between the two of almost forty years (she was 30, he was 69).

“The beautiful story with Romina ended a few weeks ago. We both have different projects for our lives, the story has turned into a great friendship. So much so that she also came to my Monte Carlo Film Festival a few days ago and our relationship continues.” Being open and easygoing. It’s been five unforgettable years. “W Romina,” Ezio Greggio wrote on Instagram in a story the model immediately shared.

How her story came about 5 years ago As recently as February, Romina Pierdomenico said she was very much in love with Greggio, guest of Barbara d’Urso on Afternoon Five, where she recalled how her story was born: “I also fell in love with one of mine in a pretty turbulent way Contemporaries separated.” who had betrayed me – she told Barbara d’Urso in the studio – after a while Ezio began to write to me on Instagram. I started chatting with him but for a month we never saw each other because I wanted to understand what he wanted from me. Then we made an appointment, but just happened to meet exactly the day before. We burst out laughing, then we got together on the day we set out and it all started from there.”