Fabio Fazio from Quelli che il calcio to Anima mia

Fabio Fazio, from “Quelli che il calcio” to “Anima mia” at the Sanremo Festival. All successful programs

A whole life in Rai, from your debut as an impersonator to your appearance on Pronto Raffaella? then Loretta Goggi in the quiz: Fabio FazioAfter a 40-year career, he joins Discovery. There are many programs that he designed and implemented. The last event in which he was featured as a protagonist outside of Che tempo che fa, the Sunday night date on Rai 3 celebrating the twentieth anniversary, took place on Rai 1. With Binario 21 he accompanied the senator Liliana Segre on a painful journey into the past.

A dry, moving Holocaust Remembrance Day program where Milan Central Station stopped for a minute as a mark of respect for the victims of the Shoah, followed by almost 5 million viewers. There are many programs in which he was the protagonist, many guests of Che tempo che fa (in 2022 to remember the interview with Pope Francis). These programs certainly marked his career and went down in television history.

Those who play soccer – In 1993 he starred in Rai 3 (later Rai 2), the show that brings football at home in a different, original way. Exceptional commentators in the stadiums, famous fans commenting in the studio, in a constant game of irony. A real Sunday strain. In 1998, the program was promoted on Rai 2 and went on to become one of the leading titles on the network.

My soul – Nostalgia in TV format, in the 1997 program about the collective imagination of the 70s (the years from 1968 to 1983) that evoked myths and fashions. I’m with Fazio Claudio Baglioni, Sabina Ciuffini, Natalia Estrada, Orietta Berti. guests i cousins ​​in the country, Just, The steps, Mita Medici, Paola Pitagora, Nino Castelnuovo, Silvan the magician, Georges Descrières (Arsenio Lupine from the TV series) Lou Ferrigno The contestant presents himself as the Incredible Hulk and is interviewed by Gad Lerner. In 1999 he gave an encore with Baglioni with “The Last Waltz”.

San Remo Festival – Directed the festival two years in a row, 1999 and 2000, with record ratings. He upsets the liturgy and brings Renato Dulbecco’s Nobel Prize in medicine to the Ariston stage Laetitia Casta, as co-moderators. He arrives Michael Gorbachev As a guest. The record average is 14 million 689 thousand viewers, with a share of 55.89%. Fixed Attendance Teo Teocoli And Anna Marchesini. In the year 2000 there is still Teocoli with the tenor Luciano Pavarotti And Ines Sastre (The average of the evenings is 12 million 920 thousand viewers with a share of 54.25%).

In 2013 he returned to Sanremo Luciana Littizzetto. Great success, with an average of almost 12 million viewers, the challenge for the comedian remains in television history Maurice Crozzaby some people in the audience. The following year, 2014, she again hosts the festival together with Luciana Littizzetto; This edition does not confirm the public and critic success of the previous year, also because of the numerous controversies in the run-up to the festival in connection with the seal of approval of the conductors. An average of 8 million 735,000 viewers with a share of 39.26%.

Collaboration with Roberto Saviano – In November 2010, he co-hosted the show on Rai 3 with the author, which was based on reading lists inspired by a theatrical performance. It reached up to 9.7 million viewers and a market share of almost 32%, making it the most watched show in the history of the third network.

In May 2012, again with Saviano, he leads What I (not) have on Ba7. The program follows the setting of Come Away with Me, but has “words” as protagonists instead of lists. In the first episode, it had LA7’s record share of 12.65% and 3,036,000 viewers.

Risk it all remake – In 2016, the tribute to Mike Bongiorno with the quiz that made television history: the same scenography, the same jingles, graphics and theme song. The program was directed by Fabio Fazio, flanked by a valet chosen in turn from among various Italian actresses. Author and co-moderator (as well as head of the competition jury). Ludovico Peregrini, former author and judge of the first editions of the quiz. Two special episodes on Rai 1: The first is a team challenge between former champions (Giuliana Longari, Andrea Fabbricatore and Maria Luisa Migliari) and celebrities (Maria De Filippi and Christian De Sica And Fabio De Luigi; Lorella Cuccarini and Fabrizio Frizzi And Vincent Salemme); In the second competition, the selected participants challenge each other.