Fabio Fazio leaves Rai signing with Discovery is a step

Fabio Fazio leaves Rai: signing with Discovery is a step away, the famous conductor’s next steps

For the famous conductor of “Che tempo che fa”, Fabio Fazio, the future lies far from Rai. According to rumors that have been swirling in the last few hours, the tenant’s contract, which has tied him to Viale Mazzini for another three years, is said to have not been renewed. Fazio’s signing with Discovery is imminent.

I skipped overtime with Rai

The conductor, reports the Corriere della Sera, waited to discuss the contract extension since last March 15, when he asked if his contract, which expired in June, would be extended.

None of Rai, however However, he would have opened a hearing to get him to stay in Viale Mazzini.

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What will the conductor do now?

Skipped overtime with Rai, Fabio Fazio would thus be one step away from achieving a discovery. According to La Stampa newspaper, “the games are over and the signature is a matter of a few details”, after years of courtship, “it always returned to the sender”.

However, the situation has now changed, with the Turiner Zeitung stating that “the announcement of the shirt change could come about.” very short period of time“.

Fazio should therefore move with his program – “Che tempo che fa”. on one of the TV channels owned by Discovery, “Nine”.

The signing of Fabio Fazio to Discovery would be close

career as a journalist

The 58-year-old journalist began his radio career in 1982 on the Rai show Black out before making his television debut with Raffaella Carrà in an episode of Pronto Raffaella Gianni Boncompagni.

After the implementation of the programsDisco summer 1986‘ and ‘Jeans’, then presented ‘Forza Italia’ on Oden TV (1987-1990) and ‘Fate il tuo gioco’ (1988-1989).

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But Fazio’s success and true validation came with “Quelli che il calcio,” a hugely successful television show that inaugurated him as a conductor. In 1997 along with Claudius BaglioniWith “Anima mia” she directed another format that was well received by critics and audiences alike.

In 1999 and 2000 he presented the San Remo Festival and from September 2003 he launched “Che tempo che fa” on Rai3.

in November 2022, Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizetto They wanted to make a symbolic gesture to spotlight the protests in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini.

In the first episode of the season of Che tempo che fa, they cut a strand of their hair to show their solidarity with the women’s protests in Iran.