Media concentration affects democracy says Atilio Boron

Fairer and less marketed health, they yell in Uruguay

The specialist and professor considered a reform of the National Integrated Health System (SNIS) necessary, both in the public and in the private sector.

In statements to Diario La R, he chose to push ahead with the transformation of the SNIS so that it becomes more efficient, takes care of people more decently, and is better at preventing and solving problems.

Also less commercialized and more equitable in access.

It is difficult to understand that in a small country like ours, without major geographical accidents and with a healthcare system, we have levels of inequality that I believe are unacceptable, he stressed.

He argued that this occurs in the supervision of various situations and specialties, which are concentrated in the country’s capital and, in turn, affect professional training.

We must take the first steps and move faster so that doctors can choose to live and practice their profession domestically. This requires planning, resources and political will, he stressed.

dr Referring to concurrent employment situations, Arteta mentioned that a significant number of doctors in both public and private medicine work in a precarious situation in relation to their minimum labor rights. jha/ool